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Outsmart Dumpster Divers

In 2010 NAID contracted an investigation group to conduct an audit of information found in 50 Toronto dumpsters over a span of 2 months. They found: 14% of the garbage contained confidential information. 75% of the doctor’s offices had personal financial or medical information in their trash. 20% of the healthcare sector – which includes... Read More

Safe Storage of Sensitive Documents

You’re waiting for the right time to destroy those sensitive documents, but are you sure they’re properly secured in the meantime? A safe method of storing sensitive information is critical. The FTC recommends that client receipts, medical records, and anything with customer or employee identifying information be stored in a locked room or file with... Read More

Schedule your end of year shred now!

The New Year is fast approaching! For most businesses that brings the daunting task known as the end-of-year purge. Chances are, your company deals with many documents that you’ll want to get rid of at the end of each year. Industry experts recommend keeping sensitive records in a locked area until the time of destruction.... Read More

Costs and the effects of data breach on businesses

The retail industry’s average cost increased dramatically, from $105 to $165. Sorted by industry, the highest costs were in the healthcare industry, at an average of $363 per record. The report also looked at a number of other factors that could potentially influence the cost of a breach and unlike industry or geography, many of... Read More

Most common data breaches

We’ve all heard about the recent cyber data breaches at large corporations and the implications that follow. Target saw a significant decline in traffic and paid out a settlement of $10 million after 40 million credit card numbers were stolen. Hacking, phishing and malware have become all too common in this day and age but... Read More