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Safe Storage of Sensitive Documents

You’re waiting for the right time to destroy those sensitive documents, but are you sure they’re properly secured in the meantime? A safe method of storing sensitive information is critical. The FTC recommends that client receipts, medical records, and anything with customer or employee identifying information be stored in a locked room or file with a limited number of employees having access to the information.

Another thing to consider is secured printers. These printers only release a document when the person who sent the print job is there for validation with a PIN code or a card swipe. Around half of all printed pages get thrown out and 20% never even get picked up! An unsecured printer is a breach waiting to happen, not to mention a waste of paper and money.  You can ensure documents are only available to the person who printed them, safeguarding any sensitive information they may contain.

Since 2005, breaches have resulted in the exposure of more than 250 million records and have caused businesses to incur substantial expense: by some estimates, the average breach costs more than $6.5 million. Aside from cost, breaches can also lead to negative press and high profile investigations and lawsuits by federal and state enforcement officials, and can irreversibly tarnish a company’s image.

Therefore, taking proactive, affirmative steps like implementing standard operating procedures, which are guidelines to follow throughout every step of document handling from storage to destruction, and also securing the company’s printers increases the protection of confidential data and keeps your business safe.

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