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Costs and the effects of data breach on businesses

The retail industry’s average cost increased dramatically, from $105 to $165. Sorted by industry, the highest costs were in the healthcare industry, at an average of $363 per record.

The report also looked at a number of other factors that could potentially influence the cost of a breach and unlike industry or geography, many of these factors were under management control. Do you have a plan in place for proper disposal of sensitive documents?

Document data breaches not only cost you money, they could cost you the trust and respect of your clients and colleagues. Be prepared. Let us help you implement standard operating procedures for document disposal to ensure that your company isn’t one of those suffering the dire consequences of a data breach.

Contact us today for a free Data Vulnerability Assessment and for a second bid if you’re already using a document shredding services provider. We’re NAID AAA certified and carry Downstream Data Coverage so you can be sure your sensitive documents will be secure to the end of the destruction process.

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