Plant-Based Data Destruction Services

Secure, Off-Site Data Destruction and E-Waste Recycling Services

Computer Recycling Center provides a range of IT asset disposal services, including NAID AAA and R2 certified physical and logical data destruction, hard drive shredding, and e-waste recycling, at our secure, access-controlled facilities. Our services are available to clients throughout Southern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The Secure Destruction Process Begins at Your Location

Our professionally trained and certified staff will:

  • Label all electronics to establish a chain of custody
  • Load all materials into a secure, GPS-tracked truck operated by our background checked and drug screened technician
  • Transport your material to our processing facility where it will be unloaded into our secure facility.

At Our Processing Facility

Once your electronics have arrived at our facility, we will:

  • Inventory all materials and sort materials for data sanitization and further processing.
  • Identify, locate and quantify all data storage devices physically and electronically.
  • Destroy all data on all data storage devices via our NAID AAA Certified data destruction processes for logical and/or physical destruction as well as degaussing (where required).
  • Properly recycle/reuse the now benign materials resulting from the data destruction and recycling process.
  • Provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, an internationally recognized legal document of performance, backed by our 3rd party audited NAID AAA Certified processes.
  • Provide you with material details and weights on a Certificate of Recycling, an internationally recognized legal document of performance, backed by our 3rd party audited ISO and R2 Certified processes.

All destroyed items and any related equipment are compliant with our zero-landfill recycling plan.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We consistently deliver:

  • Certified and responsible e-waste recycling processes
  • Reliable service supported by a proven track record in the electronics recycling industry
  • Certified and responsible data destruction, guaranteed.
  • Compliance with all legal regulations for e-waste and IT asset disposition (ITAD)
  • Inventory tracking and reporting

Contact Us

Call us or complete the form on this page to learn more about our off-site data destruction services at our plant in Springfield, Missouri and how we can protect your company’s data and reputation.

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