Product Destruction

Securely Destroy Sensitive and Confidential Waste Materials

Sensitive, unsalable, and confidential waste poses a significant risk to your company. Throwing it in the trash is not an option. Our certified, secure destruction service eliminates this waste, minimizing your risk and providing peace of mind.

Materials We Accept for Product Destruction

We accept a variety of products and materials, including:

  • Consumer-packaged products labeled “not to be sold”
  • Sensitive and classified materials, including paper documents
  • Prototypes, research and development materials, and retained samples
  • Contraband and counterfeit materials
  • Textiles or branded clothing
  • Non-hazardous special waste

With our secure product destruction service, you can be confident that your company is reducing risk and liability. Businesses throughout Southern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas trust us to destroy their sensitive products and materials.

Secure Product Destruction for Businesses and Government Agencies

Businesses and government agencies often need to dispose of faulty, counterfeit, expired, recalled, or otherwise unusable products that do not meet their standards. Only physical product destruction ensures that returned, discontinued, regulated, or unwanted products will not reenter the marketplace. This is important for protecting consumers from defective or counterfeit products, protecting a company’s brand from shoddy or hazardous product distribution, and protecting the public from materials from government agencies that should not be in civilian hands, such as gun magazines, tactical vests, law enforcement badges, and more.

Computer Recycling Center provides certified destruction services to ensure your brand and business is protected at all times. Depending on your product destruction requirements, we can use a variety of destruction processes, including shredding, crushing, and manual destruction, to achieve the desired results.

Destroying products with our product destruction services helps protect your organization from liability, damage to your brand, or a breach of proprietary information.

Reasons to Use Product Destruction Services

Sometimes products are recalled, expire, do not meet safety or quality standards, get damaged in transit, or need to be removed from the market for other reasons. While many businesses try to upcycle or recycle their off-spec and outdated goods, there are some instances in which the products must be destroyed entirely and proper disposal rules must be followed. Our Product Destruction Services are secure, confidential, and certified.

Brand Protection

Off-spec and outdated products that are not destroyed or upcycled by the manufacturer often end up on the gray market, where legitimate products are sold through unofficial distribution channels. The original manufacturer does not profit, and consumers who buy the products do not have access to any manufacturer’s offers, such as warranties or customer service.

Since the goods sold on the gray market are usually faulty, outdated, or otherwise substandard, consumers may associate your business’ brand with these low-quality products. Secure product destruction helps protect your brand.

There is also the risk of unofficial channels illegally gaining access to the products and selling them. For example, defective products sent to a landfill may be illegally taken and sold. Secure product destruction prevents this from happening.

Legal and Compliance

There are laws and regulations governing the disposal of certain products. Failing to follow these laws can result in fines and legal penalties. Secure product destruction ensures compliance with these laws and regulations.

Data Protection

Some products, such as computers and smartphones, may contain sensitive data that needs to be protected. CRC’s secure product destruction service ensures that this data is securely destroyed and that the product cannot be accessed or reused, then we responsibly recycle the materials.

If you have product destruction questions or would like to schedule services, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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